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The collection is comprised of primarily British Contemporary art and includes approximately 500 works by more than 100 of the most prominent British artists working today. Each work is personally chosen by the founders and therefore reflects their personal preferences, tastes and interests as well as those of the artists with whom they have formed friendships. Michael and Goss have assembled a collection of innovative and provocative pieces that often relate to one another through shared themes: sexuality and its relationship to one’s being; personal identity and societal roles; beauty, sensuality and death; as well as the social and political issues facing the current generation.

The collection is augmented on a regular basis with very selective additions that are emblematic of a particular artist’s work, serve as a catalyst for artistic discussion, broaden the scope of the collection or enrich Dallas’s artistic community. Often, once an exhibition is determined, the couple will purchase works with that exhibition specifically in mind. This ensures the inclusion of the most current and up to date pieces by the artist(s) within the exhibition and also enriches the collection’s catalogue of works by a particular artist throughout their career.


The Goss-Michael Foundation considers written loan requests from accredited or similarly qualified institutions. The borrowing institution is required to undertake all costs for packing, transporting, handling and insuring the artworks in transit to and from all venues and during exhibition of the works. Requests are considered on an individual basis and the Foundation's decision to lend is based upon the relevance of the artwork to the content of the exhibition, prior loan commitments of the requested artwork, fragility of the artwork, and the Foundation's goal of exposure to varied audiences.

To inquire about a loan request, please email joyce@g-mf.org or write to:

Joyce Goss
Attn. Loan Requests
Goss-Michael Foundation
1305 Wycliff Ave. Suite 120
Dallas, TX 75207

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